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Mar 13th 2018

Sunset at Four Peaks

Sunset At Four PeaksThis photograph was taken from the Four Peaks Wilderness of the Tonto National Forest. A while back we spent a weekend in the Four peaks area. Even though Four Peaks is located 40 miles northeast of Phoenix, this prominent lan…

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Feb 12th 2018

Beautiful Wall Art – Four Fun Ways To See Our Art

Four fun ways to see our artOn our website at www.imagesbytk.comYou can see all the different beautiful photographs that we offer here. These are our different display options. You can purchase any of our photographs right on our website!Free Consu…

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Aug 18th 2017

Crested Saguaro Cactus

You can see our prices and sizes - simply click on the photograph or link!We love living in an area surrounded by the Sonoran Desert which is home to the Saguaro Cactus.  On a recent trip east of Roosevelt lake Teresa spotted this…

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Aug 11th 2017

Robson Arizona Mining World

Robson Arizona Mining World is one of those off the beaten path locations that is fun for everyone to visit.  It is located at the site of the Nella-Meda Gold Mining Camp in the foothills of the mountains west of Wickenburg and is one of the old…

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Aug 5th 2017

Special Order - Peacocks

Our purpose is to capture the beauty of our world and we do everything in our power to provide the photograph of your dreams.  More DetailsRecently we were contacted by a collector in Indiana that wanted a photograph of a Peacock on infused meta…

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Jul 30th 2017

Old Point Loma Lighthouse - Cabrillo National Monument

We have added Old Point Loma Lighthouse to our collection of  California lighthouses.  This lighthouse sits above the entrance to the San Diego harbor. Old Point Loma Lighthouse is one of the original eight lighthouses built on the west coa…

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Jul 21st 2017

Sunset at Scripps Beach

As the temperatures in Phoenix were pushing 115 degrees, we decided that is was time to hit the beach!   We packed up and headed west to San Diego!  The first night we headed to La Jolla to check out the beach.We found ourselves at Sc…

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Jul 15th 2017

Grand Falls - One Of The Great Waterfalls In Arizona

When one thinks of Arizona, waterfalls are not the first thing that comes to mind.  However, Arizona is home to several spectacular waterfalls, one of which is Grand Falls.  Grand Falls lives up to its name with a total fall of 185 fee…

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Jul 8th 2017

Lone Rock Beach - Lake Powell

We recently returned from Lone Rock Beach at Lake Powell. The beach gets it's name from the solitary rock which is really the top of a submerged butte located in Wahweep Bay.  This beach is one of our favorite locations as it is one of…

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Feb 24th 2017

January Newsletter Saguaro Panoramic

Saguaro PanoramicThe saguaro cactus is one of the defining plants of the Sonoran Desert. Living in the Phoenix metro area we feel blessed to live among them. Since saguaros are somewhat particular as to where they grow, many times you see…

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Jan 8th 2017

Welcome to the new T&K Images website!

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our products and services. To start off the new 2017 year we have a number of new product offerings that we are very excited about.  We needed a better way to showcase our products on the web and all…

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