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Enhance your space with T&K Images, where Teresa and Keith Peters bring over three decades of photographic expertise to create exquisite fine art nature prints available for purchase. We skillfully capture optimal light, unveiling ours Earth's beauty in captivating scenes—whether it's tranquil landscapes, vibrant florals, graceful animals, or evocative Old West/Western imagery.  Enrich your home or office with photographs that elevate your mood. 


Browse our galleries below to discover a diverse collection, and let the transformative force of nature redefine your surroundings with T&K Images.  


Please call Teresa or Keith if you have any questions or need assistance at 623-203-8223.


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Experience buying fine art photography in a new way.  Work directly with the artists, Teresa or Keith, to choose the photograph, size and wall decor style that perfectly complements your home.




We are T&K Images


We are Teresa and Keith Peters, acclaimed fine art photographers.  Since the inception of our company, T&K Images, in 1991, we have honed our distinctive style, capturing our world's breathtaking beauty and tranquility.  Our expertise lies in capturing the natural allure of landscapes, nature, and our history. 


This entails relying on nature's provisions, whether patiently waiting for optimal lighting or accepting its unpredictable nature.  Planning the best locations and times for photography is part of the adventure, and we are always ready to adapt our plans spontaneously to capture the perfect image.






At T&K Images, we're thrilled to unveil a world of breathtaking photographs destined to transform your home or workplace. 

Here's why we stand out:


Captivating Moments, Artfully Captured:

As a dynamic husband-and-wife team, we are driven by the passion to capture exquisite moments that infuse beauty and inspiration into your home or office. From enchanting landscapes to mesmerizing wildlife and vibrant flowers, our galleries will captivate your senses.

Art that transforms:

Whether you're rejuvenating your living space or searching for a unique gift, our fine art photographs are the perfect choice. Let your walls come alive as our photographs speak volumes about your style and appreciation for timeless beauty.

Satisfaction, Guaranteed:

Your happiness is our priority. If your purchase doesn't delight you, our hassle-free return policy ensures your satisfaction. Experience the confidence of investing in art that resonates with your soul.

Free Shipping, Always:

We believe in making art acquisition seamless. Enjoy the convenience of free shipping on all orders within the continental United States: no hidden fees, just the joy of your beautiful artwork delivered right to your doorstep.

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Sandhill Cranes at Whitewater Draw Wildlife Area

Mar 4th 2024

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