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Canvas Prints


The Canvas - Our Wrapped Canvas starts with a 35% cotton and 65% polyester blend canvas with a bright white satin finish. We have found that using this material is the best foundation for producing uniform, low glare canvas photographs. 


The Ink - At T&K Images, our goal is to produce the highest quality product possible while reducing the impact on the environment.  These factors led us to choose HP Latex ink to print our Wrapped Canvas photographs.  The HP Latex ink produces exceptional image quality as well as long-lasting durability.    These inks are also good for your indoor environment.  As the ink is Latex-based, they do not contain the solvents found in other canvas prints, so they do not off-gas, thus making them safe for the entire family.  

The Frame - The frame is made of high-quality 3/4" solid wood. These frames are produced in-house to ensure they meet our high standards. 


Hanging - Each photograph comes ready to hang with two choices - on the attached hanger or, if you prefer, you can hang it from the stretcher frame itself. This option works great for triptych photographs as you can slide each piece of art into the perfect position.


Care - Your Wrapped Canvas photograph can be lightly dusted with a soft cloth or duster as needed.

Wrapped Canvas Sizes 

Standard Sizes and Prices

11x14 - $48

16x20 - $68

20x24 - $88

24x30 - $99

30x40 - $139

One Piece Panoramic Sizes and Prices

10x20 - $58

12x24 - $69

18x36 - $88

20x40 - $99

24x48 - $188

26x52 - $299

Three Piece Panoramic Sizes and Prices

Three 16x16 - $139

Three 20x20 - $188

Three 30x30 - $268

Three - 40x40 - $599