Metal Prints

Infused Metal Prints

Discover the Elegance: The Benefits of Metal Prints.


Unveil a new dimension of artistry with our Metal Prints, an innovative way to showcase your photographs. 


Our Infused Metal photographs make a lasting impression.  The image is printed on specially coated aluminum sheets and infused onto aluminum sheets with heat and pressure.  This process results in a photograph with vibrant colors, and the detail is breathtaking.  These photographs have a non-reflective mat finish, allowing you to display them anywhere, regardless of the light source.


 You've never seen a more brilliant and impressive print!

Our Metal Photo Prints Offer You Unrivaled Excellence


T&K Images has always focused on offering the highest quality photographs to our collectors, and our metal prints are no exception.  In 2010, Teresa had the exciting opportunity to meet the innovator behind this unique process.  Visiting his workshop, she witnessed a demonstration of the method involving the infusion of a photograph onto an aluminum sheet using heat and pressure.  Thrilled by the finished product, she eagerly embraced this technique.  Since then, we have been a leader in bringing metal photos to our collectors.  Our years of experience have resulted in the highest-quality metal print on the market today.


Here are some key attributes:


Rounded Corners:

Unlike other metal prints on the market, our metal Photographs come with rounded corners.   Rounded corners add a subtle but stylish touch to your metal prints, softening the overall look and creating a more visually pleasing presentation. This design element aligns well with the clean lines and minimalist styles often associated with contemporary art and decor.


Rounded corners eliminate sharp edges, making your metal prints safer and more comfortable to handle. This feature is especially beneficial if you have children or if the prints will be frequently moved or displayed in high-traffic areas.


Full Inset Frame:

Crafted from aluminum, these frames are recessed from the print's edges, producing a mesmerizing visual effect that imparts the illusion of the print floating away from the wall when hung. 

Beyond aesthetics, the full-frame design adds structural support to the photograph, ensuring it remains free from bending or bowing over time. This durability ensures that your cherished image can be enjoyed for years to come. Paired with the included French Cleat, hanging your photograph becomes a seamless and effortless process. 


This frame also supports a locking mechanism, perfect for hotels and high-traffic areas. 


Choose our Metal Prints for a blend of style and environmental consciousness, allowing you to make a sophisticated and eco-friendly statement in your space.