Southwest Fine Art Photographers Teresa and Keith Peters


We are Teresa and Keith Peters, acclaimed Southwest fine art photographers.  Since the inception of our company, T&K Images, in 1991, we have honed our distinctive style, capturing our world's breathtaking beauty and tranquility.  Our expertise lies in capturing the natural allure of landscapes, nature, and our history. 


This entails relying on nature's provisions, whether patiently waiting for optimal lighting or accepting its unpredictable nature.  Planning the best locations and times for photography is part of the adventure, and we are always ready to adapt our plans spontaneously to capture the perfect image.

Teresa Peters


My purpose is to capture the beautiful moments that happen every day in our world. This beauty is all around us in a tiny flower, a sunset, a summer storm, or three horses all in a row looking at me on a misty morning. It surrounds us if we slow down and notice. I want to share these moments, and my passion is exploring our world to find them. When I see a moment I want to capture, I can barely breathe in my excitement, and I am in a fever to capture it.

Keith Peters


On the other hand, Keith is captivated by the allure of the old and rusty.  Ghost towns and abandoned mining camps hold a special place in his heart, showcasing the ingenuity and hard work that characterized life in the early west.  Keith aims to share his love for these places through his photographs, preserving fragments of history that time is gradually eroding.  Keith's subjects often lie off the beaten path, so his journeys lead him to the backcountry.  In these expeditions, the natural beauty along the way sometimes steals the focus, turning an ordinary day into an extraordinary photography session.