This gallery highlights our photographs of University Of Arizona's V Bar V ranch. This is a working ranch that has been in operation since the 1900s. We were able to spend some time with the staff as they were preparing to move the herd from the "High Country" down to the lower elevation. Due to the challenging terrain, they must rely on horses to push the herd between the different sections of the ranch. So even though a modern university owns this ranch, they still rely on good ole cowboy skills. Also, the ranch still has many original buildings making it an ideal location for "Cowboy" and western photography.


Here is some history of this amazing place. 

The University of Arizona's V Bar V Ranch is a unique and renowned research facility in northern Arizona, near Rimrock. The ranch is situated on approximately 2,822 acres of picturesque land and serves as a hub for various scientific and educational endeavors.

  • History and Ownership: The V Bar V Ranch has a rich history that dates back to the early 1900s when it was established as a working cattle ranch. In 1949, it was purchased by the University of Arizona, becoming a part of its College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Since then, the ranch has played a vital role in conducting research, education, and outreach programs.


  • Research and Education: The primary mission of the V Bar V Ranch is to support research and education in a range of disciplines, including agriculture, natural resource management, and environmental sciences. Faculty, students, and researchers from the University of Arizona, as well as other institutions, utilize the ranch's facilities and resources to conduct studies and experiments focused on sustainable land use, watershed management, plant and animal sciences, and more.


  • Livestock and Range Management: As an operational cattle ranch, the V Bar V Ranch provides a unique setting for studying livestock and range management practices. Researchers and students have the opportunity to explore various aspects of ranching, such as cattle breeding, nutrition, forage utilization, and grazing strategies. This hands-on experience allows for practical learning and the development of sustainable ranching practices.


  • Environmental Conservation: The V Bar V Ranch is also dedicated to promoting environmental conservation and preserving natural resources. The diverse ecosystems found on the ranch, including grasslands, woodlands, and riparian areas, offer an ideal setting for studying and understanding the delicate balance between human activities and the environment. Conservation efforts focus on topics such as water quality, wildlife habitat enhancement, and sustainable land use practices.


  • Outreach and Public Engagement: The ranch actively engages with the local community, providing educational opportunities and outreach programs. Through workshops, field trips, and public events, the V Bar V Ranch offers a platform for sharing research findings and promoting awareness about sustainable agriculture, land management, and environmental stewardship. These initiatives contribute to the dissemination of knowledge and the development of sustainable practices beyond the academic realm.

In summary, the University of Arizona's V Bar V Ranch serves as an invaluable resource for research, education, and outreach in the fields of agriculture, natural resource management, and environmental sciences. With its historical significance, commitment to sustainable practices, and dedication to public engagement, the ranch plays a vital role in advancing knowledge and fostering a deeper understanding of the complex interactions between humans and their environment.


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