T&K Images offers three distinct wall decor styles:
Canvas, Metal, and Paper

Wrapped Canvas Prints

Step into a world of timeless elegance with our Canvas Prints. 
Our wrapped canvas prints seamlessly blend artistry and craftsmanship to transform your photograph of choice into a stunning, three-dimensional focal point for any space.


Infused Metal Prints

Discover the Elegance: The Benefits of Metal Prints.


Unveil a new dimension of artistry with our Metal Prints, an innovative way to showcase your photographs. 


Paper Prints

Experience the epitome of visual excellence with our breathtaking paper photographs, meticulously printed on Kodak PROFESSIONAL ENDURA Premier Color Lustre Paper.


Your photograph is produced just for you using the highest quality professional photographic products available.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality at the most affordable prices, ensuring our exceptional photographs are accessible to a broader audience.


Elevate your home or office with our exquisite wall art. Personalize these pieces to reflect your unique style and preferences. Choose your favorite photograph, select from our three display options, pick your preferred size, and craft a stunning custom design guaranteed to make a lasting impression.
Beyond the array of standard sizes provided, we extend the option for custom sizes ranging up to 10x30 feet. For further details, feel free to reach out to us.


Step into a Greener Tomorrow: Our Exclusive Eco-Friendly Display Options!

At T&K Images, we take pride in our commitment to environmental sustainability, and one of the ways we uphold this commitment is by offering only Canvas, Metal, and Paper prints. 


These materials represent the pinnacle of eco-friendly options in printing, and our decision is rooted in a deep understanding of the environmental impact of various printing materials.


Our US-based professional lab is a Green Certified Businesses for exceeding environmental regulatory requirements, preventing pollution, and conserving natural resources!


Canvas prints are favored for their biodegradable nature.  Made primarily from cotton or linen, canvas is a material that decomposes naturally, leaving a reduced environmental footprint.  


Metal prints are selected for their recyclability and durability.  By using aluminum as the base material, we contribute to the reduction of waste in landfills.  Aluminum is one of the most recycled materials globally, and its recycling process requires significantly less energy compared to its initial production.  By offering metal prints, we aim to support the circular economy and minimize the depletion of natural resources.


Paper prints are another eco-conscious choice in our selection since they can be recycled.  Our commitment to using environmentally friendly paper aligns with our overall goal of promoting sustainable practices in the printing industry.


In making these conscious material choices, we are not only providing our customers with high-quality prints but also contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally responsible future.  By limiting our offerings to Canvas, Metal, and Paper prints, we are sending a clear message that we prioritize the well-being of our planet and are dedicated to making choices that positively impact the environment.

We encourage our customers to join us in this eco-friendly journey and make choices that align with sustainability values.  Together, we can contribute to a greener world, one print at a time.


Display Options

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