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Wild Horses - Monument Valley

Wild Horses - Monument Valley

Posted by Keith Peters on Sep 12th 2022

Pinto Horses are just as iconic of the southwest as the surrounding rock formations of Monument Valley. When you visit the Monument Valley Tribal Park, you may encounter the wild horses that roam through the park. These horses have been part of the landscape for hundreds of years, adding to this amazing place's majesty. These colorful two-toned horses can trace their lineage to the horse brought here by the early Spanish explorers.

American Indians cherished these horses' for their combination of striking colors and brains. Their easy-going demeanor, speed, and endurance made them ideal for hunting buffalo, and they were known for their legendary qualities in battle.

Overo Paint

As we were traveling between the Three Sisters and Totem Pole formations, we spotted this Overo Paint. His attention is focused on a group of people on a trail ride in the distance. With his ears pointed forward, and looking to his right allowed me to get this great shot of his blue eye.

Wild Overo Paint Horse - Monument Valley_

Wild Overo Paint Horse

Wild Foal

Monument Valley Foal

Monument Valley Foal 

As we were departing the valley at the end of the day, we spotted a mare and her foal forging along a ridge. I was able to catch up with the foal; as I approached the top of the rise, I paused and stayed low behind some foliage; I got this photograph of the foal among some white wildflowers.

Foal in Monument Valley

Foal in Monument Valley

I managed to stay with the pair for 20 minutes; over time, the foal's curiosity got the best of it; it stopped and looked at me with its ears forward, allowing me to get this extraordinary photograph. 

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