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Sunset at Four Peaks

Posted by Keith Peters on Mar 13th 2018

Sunset At Four Peaks

Sunset At Four Peaks

This photograph was taken from the Four Peaks Wilderness of the Tonto National Forest.

A while back we spent a weekend in the Four peaks area. Even though Four Peaks is located 40 miles northeast of Phoenix, this prominent landmark can be seen from great distances in all directions. For that reason we decided to head out and explore this beautiful place. At the time of our visit wildflowers were in bloom so we picked a spot that had a nice collection of wildflowers with a great view of the Four Peaks and waited for sunset.

As it turns out we were blessed with one of those special Arizona evenings. Just as the sun was setting, high clouds moved in and provided natural filtered sunlight. This lighting effect allowed the flowers and Saguaros to glow, while the clouds above Four Peaks picked up the sunset pinks. All of these elements combined to create this amazing desert scene.