Saguaro Panoramic

Saguaro Panoramic

Posted by Keith Peters on Feb 24th 2017

Saguaro Panoramic

The saguaro cactus is one of the defining plants of the Sonoran Desert. Living in the Phoenix metro area we feel blessed to live among them.

Since saguaros are somewhat particular as to where they grow, many times you see a few spread out across the desert. This makes it thrilling when you come across a large grouping of them.

We were exploring some back-country roads just west of Lake Pleasant when we encountered a "forest" of saguaros at the base of a small ridge. It was late in the afternoon and the red rocks on the ridge were glowing in the beautiful light. This red color made a great contrast to the green of the saguaros. We decided that the only way to truly share this experience was to create a panoramic image. We are offering this as a triptych or as a single piece on Infused Metal or Canvas as these display options allow the image to be displayed edge to edge.

Here is a close up of one of the tight groupings of saguaros.

I was struck by the way the sunlight was playing on the needles of this cactus.