Reflections of Nature Scenes are Stunning and Engaging

Reflections of Nature Scenes are Stunning and Engaging

Jul 20th 2022

There is something magical about a stunning nature scene reflected in the still water. It is hard to describe why we are drawn to these images. Is it that we experience the beauty of the scene twice in one photograph, or is it the calm feeling of the still water combined with a stunning view? No matter what the reason, these images are always captivating. 

Over the years, T&K images have captured many stunning reflections, and we would like to share them in one place.

Watchman Sunset Reflection- Zion National Park

As the Watchman is a prominent feature of the park's southern end, the setting sun hits the west slope, which bathes the formation in a great red color. The calm water in this spot allowed me to pick up the reflection in the Virgin River.

Water Mill Stream Reflection and Cathedral Rock - Sedona Arizona

Cathedral Rock at Red Rock Crossing in Sedona, Az is one of the most photographed landmarks in the Southwest; this image is different. We had spent the afternoon shooting storm clouds above Oak Creek. Late in the afternoon, the clouds turned into a thunderstorm. The thunderstorm had just moved out when we arrived at the Red Rock Crossing. It had rained hard enough to force the small mill stream to overflow onto the picnic area, and the clouds had cleared, allowing me to photograph Cathedral Rock in full sun and get this great reflection.

Sunset Reflection - Whitewater Draw - Arizona

Whitewater Draw Wildlife Area is one the best places in the Southwest to see overwintering Sandhill Cranes. We visited this area to get some photographs of the Sandhill Cranes. As we toured Whitewater Draw earlier in the day, I loved how this tree reflected in one of the shallow ponds. Upon our return in the evening, there were rain and snow showers in the surrounding area, creating this colorful sunset resulting in this spectacular scene. 

Morning Reflection - Grand Teton National Park Wyoming

Fine Art print of the Grand Tetons Moutain Range reflecting in the Snake River, taken at Schwabacher's Landing. Schwabacher's Landing is located in an area of the Grand Teton National park where the landscape flattens out, providing an open view of the mountains. Anglers and river rafters use Schwabacher's Landing to gain access to the Snake River. Schwabacher's Landing is straight east of the mountain range. Shooting from this location allows getting the whole scene in the golden morning light. The calm section of the river enabled us to capture the mountain range and its mirror image.

Early Morning Light - Bear Canyon Arizona

Bear Canyon lake is one of the many lakes off of Forest Road 300 in Sitgreaves National Forest. At 7,500, it makes for a great way to beat the summer heat and is one of our favorite camping sites. We took this photograph just as the sun peaked over the surrounding ridge. As the winds were calm, we got this great reflection of the pines in the water.

Lake Powell Beauty - Lone Rock Beach Utah

Lone Rock Beach is one of our favorite locations as it is one of the few places in the Glen Canyon Recreation Area where you can camp at the water's edge. Clearly, this photograph was taken before the drop in lake level. We hope to be able to see this view again soon. 

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