Power Of The Flower

Power Of The Flower

Apr 28th 2022

Nothing announces the arrival of spring more than flowers. Flowers can trigger happy emotions, heighten positive thoughts, and positively impact your daily life. A recent Rutgers University study found that flowers are a natural and healthful way to manage your day-to-day mood. Your day-to-day well-being is positively impacted when flowers are present. 

Displaying flowers in a common area like a foyer, living room, or dining room can also help make your guests feel more welcome. Does this mean I need to constantly bring fresh flowers into my home to get these benefits? 

The good news is that the answer is no. Several medical studies have discovered that your brain receives the same great feeling when looking at high-quality photographic images of flowers as when you look at real flowers.

T&K Images offers you an extensive collection of fantastic flower photographs to choose from.

Set the Mood

Beyond the general benefits of images of flowers, you can fine-tune the mood of a room or space by picking flower images with the following predominant colors.

White Flowers

White flowers symbolize openness. White blooms are most often associated with purity, honesty, and perfection.

Cream Cup - Arizona

Cream Cup

Orange Flowers

The orange flower's bold colors convey feelings of excitement and enthusiasm. They have also been shown to strengthen the immune system.

Mexican Gold Poppies - Arizona

Mexican Gold Poppies

Red Flowers

Red flowers are most commonly associated with feelings of true love and passion. They also convey respect, desire, courage and boost energy.

Ocotillo Flowers

Ocotillo Flowers

Lavender Flowers

Lavender flowers symbolize success and have been found to relieve stress and tension.

Goodding's Verben

Goodding's Verbena

Yellow Flowers

Yellow flowers are associated with spreading happiness, joy, and friendship. With their bright hue and cheery personality, yellow flowers make you feel alert, clearheaded, decisive, and optimistic.

Desert Marigold - Arizona

Desert Marigold

Purple Flowers

Purple flowers symbolize success and have been found to relieve stress and tension. 

Wild Hyacinth

Wild Hyacinth

Cover All the Bases

Not sure which color to choose? The bright reds, yellows, and purples of the Arizona Sun Flower photograph will brighten any room. 

Arizona Sun Flower

Arizona Sun Flower

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