Make a Lasting Impression On Your Clients

Make a Lasting Impression On Your Clients

Jan 24th 2022

Use the power of large photographic prints to reinforce your company's mission statement and link to the local community.

One of the largest general contractors and construction management firms in the United States recently built a new regional office in Phoenix, Arizona. The firm wanted their new office space to make a lasting impression on their clients and welcome their employees back to the office. To achieve this, they wanted two large custom panoramic photographs to cover two walls, floor to ceiling, with the mission of tying the new artwork to their company's mission statement and linking to the local community.

If you have been following T&K Images for a while, you know that we are always open to custom requests and doing whatever is needed to ensure customer satisfaction. They contacted us, and we went to work to bring their vision to life.

Local Connection - Sonoran Desert

The first photograph was for their waiting area. As their office is in Phoenix, they wanted to incorporate a local landscape image into their space. The waiting area is part of the open space in the central part of the office. This space has a 12×12 foot wall, and they wanted a photograph to show off the spiky yet beautiful Sonoran desert. They wanted to feature Saguaro and Cholla cactus in the foreground with the setting sun and mountains in the background.

Saguaro Sunset Panoramic - Arizona

Saguaro Sunset Panoramic

Since we have spent a lot of time in the Sonoran Desert, we had several places in mind. After some exploring, we found the perfect location. Now we needed the proper lighting. As the request included the sun low on the horizon, the time available to get the shot is a bit limited. As mother nature does not always cooperate, this took three trips to this location to achieve the look we wanted. On the third night, everything came together so beautifully.

The customer chose to print a section of the image centering the Saguaro on the wall for the final design.

This image was created by printing on a photo quality wall covering. This technique allows the image to be sized to the exact size needed. This also allows the installation to work around fixtures on the wall, such as the vent on the top left side of the image and the power outlet on the bottom center.

Company Mission - Concrete Pour

The second request was to photograph their team in action during a concrete pour at one of their new building sites. The image needed to cover a 12×18 foot wall in the architect's design section of their new building.

Getting this photograph was a project in itself. The firm was in the process of erecting a 20 story building in downtown Phoenix. On the day of our photoshoot, they were pouring the 16th floor. To ensure the concrete sets correctly, they need to pour the concrete continuously. Due to the summer heat, the pour starts at 1 am and finishes around 11 am. Based on the direction of the pour, the right time to capture the image was at sunrise.

Getting into Position

Getting into the position. Our journey started at 4 am. We traveled up a man lift to the 14th floor, took a temporary staircase to the 15th floor, then climbed an open ladder to the 16th floor. We set up our gear on 4×8 sheets of plywood on top of the wet concrete and started the photo shoot. The action never stops on these pours. The concrete arrives via a 1.5-yard bucket every 2-3 minutes. The bucket is wrestled into position, the concrete is poured, the finishing team attacks the newly arrived concrete, and the cycle repeats. As we were standing on wet concrete, we only had an hour for the shoot, as the finishing team needed to smooth out the marks left by the plywood before the concrete set. During the session, we captured several photographs, and the customer decided that this one caught the true efforts of the team.

The Finished Product

Since this firm is known for its phenomenal concrete work, this is expressed throughout the office in different ways. In this case, they chose to print this image in black and white.

Here is the finished 12'×18' photograph on the wall. I included Teresa in the shot to demonstrate the accurate scale of the final product.

Transform your office into a destination

If you would like T&K Images to help you transform your office or venue, please contact us or call us at 623-203-8223 and we will be happy to work with you to create a truly unique piece of wall art just for you.