Fossil Creek Falls

Fossil Creek Falls

Posted by Keith Peters on May 25th 2020

When you think of Arizona waterfalls is not one of the first things that comes to mind. However Arizona is home to several spectacular waterfalls, one of which is Fossil Creek Falls

The falls are only part of what makes this area very special. Fossil Creek runs year round fed by a collection of artesian springs. The spring water bubbles out of the ground at a constant 72 degrees. The water is supersaturated with calcium carbonate, giving the water a unique blue color. Also as the water flows downstream and collects in pools the calcium carbonate forms travertine. These travertine deposits is the source of the name of the creek - sorry kids no dinosaurs here.

 As Fossil Creek is a short drive from Phoenix you can imagine how busy this area can get in the summer. In fact it has become so busy the Forest Service is now issuing permits to manage the crowds at this time of year. We were thrilled to discover when we visited in January that it was still chilly on the hike to the falls which allowed us to have the place to ourselves. 

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