Fine Art Photography at Work: The Impact of Workplace Art

Fine Art Photography at Work: The Impact of Workplace Art

Jun 3rd 2022

Demand for building features that enhance human comfort and encourage positive behaviors that support a “mind, body, spirit” approach is rising in all building types. 

Bringing art into the workplace is critical in making employees feel good about their workspaces, resulting in a more productive workforce. For years, hospitals and other medical facilities have known that large-format high-quality Fine Art Photography, especially landscape photography, reduces stress. This knowledge is now making its way into corporate designs. 

Case in point, a large commercial client, wanted to bring the serenity of a winter scene into their downtown Phoenix, Arizona office. They wanted the scene to be of winter, so they hired us to take panoramic photographs of the San Francisco Peaks near Flagstaff. We photographed many different views. They choose this view of the San Francisco Peaks from the Kachina Wetlands Preserve with a frozen pond and the geese walking on the pond. We agree with them that this is a beautiful choice. 

Placing this photograph on a 12x37 foot wall provided them the peaceful feeling of being at the preserve on this cold clear day. Imagine the good feeling this will bring to the staff on those 110+ degree days during the Arizona summer.

Geese On Frozen Pond - Arizona

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