Custom Large Desert Panoramics

Custom Large Desert Panoramics

Posted by Keith Peters on Jul 10th 2021

Custom Large Desert Panoramics

If you have been following T&K Images for a while, you know that we are always open to custom requests, so I wanted to share our latest request.

A large commercial customer wanted to incorporate some local landscape images into their space and had some very specific needs:

  1. They had a 12x18 foot wall and wanted a photograph to go from floor to ceiling.
  2. They wanted a photograph that showed our spiky yet beautiful desert featuring Saguaro and Cholla cactus in the foreground with the setting sun and mountains in the background.

We accepted the challenge. As with all photography, the two key components are location and lighting.


Since we have spent a lot of time in the Sonoran desert, we had several places in mind. After exploring, we found the perfect location. Now we needed the right lighting.


As the request was to include the sunset low on the horizon, the time available to get the shot is a bit limited, and mother nature does not always cooperate, so this took three trips to this location to achieve the look we wanted. On the third night, everything came together so beautifully.

This is our concept of this photograph on their wall

In addition to this large horizontal panoramic, this client also had a tall narrow location that needed some wall art. We focused on this large Saguaro getting ready to bloom.


Location, Location

Every so often, you come across a location that provides many photo opportunities, and this location is one of those. Once we picked the site for the requested photograph, we took some time to look for other views.

In this case, we have four Saguaros in a row, and if you look closely, you will recognize the third and fourth Saguaro from the left. The third Saguaro is the centerpiece of the sunset panoramic, and the fourth is the blooming Saguaro in the portrait panoramic. This photograph is taken looking east with the sun behind us, allowing the desert to pick up the warm afternoon glow.

One of the key lessons that every landscape photographer learns early is once you have picked a shooting location, always turn around to ensure you are not missing anything. This photograph is a perfect example of this. As I was taking the sunset panoramic, Teresa was capturing the scene behind me. This panoramic has the Cholla cactus lit up by the post-sunset light and the clouds catching the sunset colors.

Panoramic Display Options

We offer our Panoramics in four triptych sizes, 16x16, 20x20, 30x30, and 40x40. We have chosen to use the triptych format as the standard to allow for easier shipping. As we print these images edge to edge, you can install them as close together as you like. Please see the example below where the triptych is installed edge to edge. Our panoramics are also available in one piece as well as custom sizes. If you are interested in that option, please give us a call, and we will be happy to work with you to create that perfect piece of wall art.