Bell Rock with Snow - Sedona, Arizona

Bell Rock with Snow - Sedona, Arizona

Posted by Keith Peters on Feb 23rd 2019

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When you drive to Sedona along highway 179, the first rock structure that you encounter is Bell Rock, so named as it's shape resembles a large bell. There is a great trail (Bell Rock Pathway) that starts at the parking lot.

On New Years Eve, Sedona received 5 inches of snow. Since Bell Rock is on the east side of Sedona, it was in full light when we arrived. We quickly headed down the trail and were rewarded with this fantastic view.

It is always amazing how a few inches of snow can completely change the feel of a location. Without the snow the fence posts blend into the background, however add snow to the picture and the fence posts outline this inviting trail and take your eye down the path. Bell Rock is so beautiful picking up the morning sun on this clear cold morning. It was 9 degrees that very early New Years Day. Keith Peters

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