Zoroaster Temple Grand Canyon


A dynamic photograph of the setting sun highlighting Zoroaster peak at the Grand canyon against the looming storm clouds.

Zoroaster Temple is one of the many peaks within the Grand Canyon. As the peak is within the canyon, Zoroaster Temple does not get the attention it would if it was self-standing outside of the canyon. This peak stands 4,600 feet above the colorado river.

On the day this photograph was taken, storm clouds were moving in from the north, and the light was going fast at the end of the day. At this point, it would seem that the shooting for the day was over, however as we were getting ready to pack it in, there was a break in the clouds allowing the late afternoon sun to highlight Zoroaster Temple Peak. Against the threatening storm clouds, this light on the rock created this dramatic scene. I can say this is one of my favorite Grand Canyon photographs.

This is just one more example of the constantly changing light at the Grand Canyon that draws people back to the canyon, again and again.

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