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  • What Is Happening - Horse Photograph What Is Happening - Arizona

    What Is Happening - Arizona

    Teresa got the attention of this Sorrel and Brown horse by making some noises.  They came to the fence, pointed their ears forward, and locked their eyes on her, allowing me to get them in this great photo.  Thus the title "What is happening".

  • Gorgeous Blazed Sorrel - Arizona Gorgeous Blazed Sorrel Horse - Arizona

    Gorgeous Blazed Sorrel Horse - Arizona

    Fine Art Photo Gorgeous Blazed Sorrel Horse - Arizona One of the advantages of having two photographers in the field is working together to get a great photo.  This is the case with this photo of this Gorgeous Blazed Sorrel.  I moved along the...

  • Posing For You-Horse Photograph Posing For You-Horse Photograph with dog

    Posing For You - Arizona

    One of the advantages of having two photographers in the field is working together to get a great photo. By making some interesting noises, we were able to get these three horses to come over to the fence and look intently at Teresa. We were rewarded by...

  • I Am In Paradise - Horse Photograph I Am In Paradise- Horse Photograph with dog

    I Am In Paradise - Arizona

    We named this photograph " I am in Paradise" as we photographed this brown horse at Hidden Springs Ranch in Peeples Valley Vernell, Az. Hidden Springs Ranch is located at 4,800 feet in elevation, offering a lovely climate for training and boarding...

  • Gorgeous Bay Horse Gorgeous Bay Horse Photograph with dog

    Gorgeous Bay Horse - Arizona

    Fine Art Photo of a Gorgeous Bay Horse - Arizona Bay horses are admired for their versatility and are found in a wide range of equestrian disciplines. Their striking appearance and strong conformation make them popular choices for riding, driving,...

  • Sorrel Beauty - Horse Photograph Sorrel Beauty - Horse Photograph with dog

    Sorrel Horse Beauty - Arizona

    Fine Art Photo of Sorrel Horse Beauty Portrait with a barn in the background.  The photograph captures the sorrel horse in a natural setting, depicting it standing proudly in a lush green meadow with a backdrop of stables and a clear blue sky. The...

  • Bay Beauty - Horse Photograph Bay Beauty - Horse Photograph with dog

    Bay Horse Beauty - Arizona

    Fine Art Photo of The Beauty Of a Bay Horse, Arizona Bay horses are known for their rich, reddish-brown coat color, which can vary from a light tan shade to a dark mahogany hue. This particular photograph showcases a bay horse in all its splendor,...

  • Horse Closeness - Arizona Closeness - Arizona

    Closeness - Arizona

    Two beautiful horses posing together at Hidden Springs Ranch here in Arizona.  We named this image Closeness.   These two beautiful horses were hanging out together, allowing us to capture this great photograph.  Keith Peters

  • horse and foal  Arizona - Horse Photograph Mare and Colt photograph with bench

    Mother and Babe - Arizona

    Fine Art Horse Photograph of a Horse and Foal in their barn stall at the end of the day.  I love them both peering out at the world. This half door makes the perfect frame for the image with their faces highlighted by the late afternoon...

  • Black Beauty - Black Horse Head Photograph Black Beauty - Black Horse Head Wall Art Black Beauty - Arizona

    Black Beauty - Arizona

    This black horse posed for Teresa allowing her to get this great headshot photograph. If you love horses, printing this on canvas will make for a stunning piece of wall art.

19 of 19 Items


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