This fine art photography collection is dedicated to Aspen Tree Photographs.

Aspen Trees hold the title as the most widespread tree in North America. They can be found as far north as Alaska, in the majority of the Midwest States, and into the west through Arizona and New Mexico.

Aspen trees are a favorite of photographers due to their vibrant yellow in the foliage in the fall and their uniform white trunks aligned in a grove.

You see Aspen trees growing uniformly because all of the trees in the grove are considered a singular organism. This is because they share the same root structure, and each tree is a "clone" of the others. You will see them intermixed among other dark green conifers as Aspens quickly colonize recently burned or bare areas to establish a stand of young trees.

These trees owe their success to the fact that they grow year-round, even after they have lost their leaves, and this is due to their bark. Beneath the white outer bark layer is a thin green photosynthetic layer that allows the tree to create sugars and grow when other deciduous trees would otherwise be dormant.

Bring the wonder and majesty of aspen trees to your living or working space. These prints are ideal at home to add vibrancy and warmth to any room.

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