Old Juniper Tree - Sedona - Arizona


If you have ever driven to the Red Rock Crossing State Park in Sedona, Arizona, you have seen a few pull-offs to the left. These pull-off areas provide you with great vantage points to view Cathedral Rock and the beautiful surrounding area. At one of the stops, there is an old juniper tree at the top of the hill. This tree has two main branches that form a perfect V. This V makes a natural frame for a photograph.

When we are headed to Red Rock Crossing State Park, stopping at this location is mandatory. It had snowed the night before, giving us a whole new view of this beautiful scenery on our last trip. Most of the snow was caught in the tree; this left the red soil exposed, allowing it to stand out. Instead of using the tree as a frame, I decided to make the tree the photograph's focal point. As the photograph was taken on New Years Day, the sun was low in the sky, and this low angle hit perfectly on the trunk forming the left side of the V, highlighting its unique shape. Keith Peters

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