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Indoor/Outdoor Metal - Two Styles

Redefine the wall décor of your porch or patio with our Indoor Outdoor Metal Photographs.  Our Outdoor Indoor Metal photographs are printed on an aluminum plate offering a beautiful non glare finish that can be displayed indoors or OUTDOORS on porches or patios!  We also add a laminate coating to further add protection for outdoor display.  Since this option can be displayed outside, the photograph is safely secured to your wall using standoffs.
We offer this in two versions. 
The first is Indoor/outdoor with black edging.  We add a black border to the image with matching standoffs to give you a matted look.
The second option has the photograph printed to the edge with silver standoffs.
Besides adding this great look to your home, this display option is also well suited for use in commercial buildings and offices.  Since this option is protected by an outdoor weather proof laminate coating, it is well suited for high traffic areas. By using standoffs to mount it to wall, there is no danger of it falling.  We also have a locking theft proof system available.     

This option comes in standard sizes from 11x14 up to 30 x 40.  It is also available in custom sizes. 



Size  Price
11x14 $170.00
16x20 $230.00
20x24 $300.00
24x30 $360.00
30x40 $640.00


 If you need a custom size or  have any questions, please feel free to submit your questions below or call us at 623-203-8223