Desert Rhubarb Flowers - Arizona


Desert Rhubarb (Rumex hymenosepalus)

Desert Rhubarb, commonly known as Canaigre Dock or Arizona dock, is a plant species native to arid regions, including parts of Arizona. While not directly related to culinary rhubarb, it is often referred to as "Desert Rhubarb" due to its somewhat similar appearance and the tart taste of its roots.

Desert Rhubarb is native to the arid regions of the southwestern United States, including Arizona. It can be found in desert scrub, arroyos, and other dry, well-drained habitats. It is well-adapted to the harsh conditions of these arid environments. The leaves are typically green but can take on reddish or purplish tones. The plant produces tall, slender stems with clusters of small greenish flowers that develop into seed heads.

Desert Rhubarb plays a role in the arid ecosystems of Arizona by providing habitat and food for certain wildlife. The plant's flowers attract pollinators, such as bees and butterflies. The seeds and foliage may also provide sustenance for small mammals and birds.

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