Calf Day Care


Fine Art Photograph of Cows and Calves

When you hear the term daycare, images of groups of young children playing together while being overseen by adults that are not their parents come to mind.

It might surprise you to learn that cattle herds also have a daycare system. The herd's approach is not much different from how we go about it; during the day, one or two cows will take up the task of overlooking the calves allowing their mothers to head off and graze. The daycare role is switched between cows daily, enabling each mother to get a break.

When we visited this farm, we absolutely loved the beauty of this view, the cattle, and the darling calves.  This cow was clearly in charge of calves for that day; everywhere she went, the three calves were by her side.  She was very curious about what Teresa was doing when she took this photograph. However, she was careful to ensure that the calves never got between her and Teresa.


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