Centesimino Grapes - Elgin - Arizona


Fine Art Photo of Centesimino Grapes of Elgin Arizona

 Centesimino grapes is a red grape grown used as a blending grape to add depth and structure to other red wines, particularly those made from the Sangiovese grape. Centesimino has a medium to high level of tannins and a distinctive spicy and earthy flavor profile. The variety is known for producing wines with good acidity and aging potential.

Wines made from Centesimino are typically medium to full-bodied, with a good balance of fruit flavors and acidity. They are known for their dark, rich color and intense aromas, which often include notes of black fruit, spice, and earthy elements. The addition of these grapes to the wine produced in the wineries of Elgin, Arizona is one of the reasons that some of the best wine in the country comes from this area.


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