1009 House On Fire Ruin - Mule Canyon Utah


Most of us are familiar with Ancient Pueblo Peoples (formally known as Anasazi) and their ruins. When you hear these terms, images of Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado and Montezuma Castle National Monument in Arizona come to mind. We are familiar with these as they are large sites managed and promoted by the National Park Service.  

Before living in Arizona, I believed that Ancient Pueblo ruins were rare. Large sites such as the ones mentioned above are few; however, if you get off the main road and explore the backcountry of northern Arizona and southern Utah, there are hundreds of sites. 

On a recent trip to southern Utah, we explored Mule Canyon. Located only a mile hike up the canyon, we came to House On Fire ruins. This is an untouched ruin that appears to have fire shooting from the top of the structure. When the early morning sun rises and shines over the canyon walls, it hits the rocks above the ruin. The sandstone overhang has a unique structure that when the light hits it at the right angle, it produces the " Fire " effect.  


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