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Wrapped Canvas

Gallery Wrapped Canvas display option are photographs printed on Fine Art Canvas. The canvas is then wrapped on ½ inch Gatorboard resulting in a striking fresh look that is very sturdy. 

This option comes ready to hang via a floating museum mount block.  This allows the photograph to appear to float off the wall.
We offer this display option on all our photographs, as well as on our panoramic layouts. 

This option comes in standard sizes from 11x14 up to 30 x 40.  It is also available in custom sizes. 

Size  Price
11x14 $90.00
16x20 $130.00
20x24 $175.00
24x30 $220.00
30x40 $390.00

  If you need a custom size or  have any questions, please feel free to submit your questions below or call us at 623-203-8223