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What our customers are saying.

"T&K Images are the best to work with. I found them while on vacation in Arizona and was so impressed with their work, I asked if they would be able to do artwork to include a peacock. Teresa stated she could and then took it upon herself to visit a peacock farm, took several pictures and I chose this amazing one with the peacock standing by a tree. I loved it. So I contracted with T & K and couldn't be happier. I had a place for the peacock in my family room; it looks great and fits right in with my décor. T & K are so easy to work with and will go out of their way to bring you whatever it is that you need. Thanks T&K!"

~Wanda Rhoads


"I want you to know how much I appreciate all your help in selecting the "perfect" photographs for the wall in my new apartment. There was the actual challenge of choosing photographs that I liked, that I would want to look at each day in addition to each night. Then there was shape, color, frames and a quality that enhanced my decor.

After photographing my wall, my furnishings and the natural light, you helped me with each step by emailing me amazing choices, changing them around and suggesting appropriate framing choices. I feel that I have finally found the perfect art that ties everything together in my room. Thank you!"

~ Joanne Landon - San Francisco, California


"I just wanted to let you know that I received your photo this morning. Thank you so much for the fast delivery. It is beautiful, I can't wait to hang it at the new house.  Thank you for following your heart and going with your art."

Stacee Sun City, Arizona

"Soon my house will look like a gallery, lol.

Viga Surprise, Arizona


“I installed 9 pieces of Teresa and Keith's work at a client's dental office and it is the topic of conversation to all who view it. Their vision is captured in their collection of local, destination and nature photography. Each piece is a treasure and draws you right there to pause and appreciate the beauty they have captured and preserved. These pieces are great for residential and commercial application and enjoyment.”

~Alise  Lacosse Interiors


“Teresa and Keith with T&K Images do beautiful photographic work. Since Reliable Receptionist provides locally-based telephone reception services, we wanted to show our clients we value our community. Teresa and Keith's photos were a great way to highlight our connection to the area. Artistically, the photos were well done. Add to that Teresa's personal service and flexibility with framing and mounting options, and it was a great experience overall.”

~Victor Concord, California


Expert Photography - I have used T&K for personal photos and business related photos. They are great! Very professional, friendly and priced just right. The quality is astounding and the technology they have available makes the pictures amazing. Definitely a great company.

~Tim  All Bright and Clear Window Washing, Peoria, Arizona


I wanted to say thank you. As I mentioned before, most companies shine when things go as planned however, its when things don't go as planned that I believe the true companies rise to the top. When we had trouble with the framing you rushed out to take care of the issue as if there was a house on fire. I really appreciated dealing with a champion. Please add my name to your long list of raving fans and feel free to have any of your potential clients contact me any time.

 ~Keven  Peoria, Arizona