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Paper Photographs


Our paper photographs are printed on Matte Photo paper. We find this finish very beautiful with an extended color gamut for vibrant colors. This paper also provides state-of-the-art image stability (over 100 years in the typical home display) when framed and matted.


Why Matte Paper? At T&K Images, our goal is to produce the highest quality product possible while reducing the impact on the environment. We carry this goal into your home as well.  Many other photographers are using Satin and Metallic finished papers.  These papers are coated with resin and plastic on both sides and will off-gas in your home. Matte Paper does not have any of these health-impacting properties. 


All of our photographs on paper will fit standard size mats and frames.  

Paper Print Sizes

Sizes and Prices

8x10 - $30

11x14 - $36

16x20 - $46

20x24 - $56

24x30- $64

30x40 - $84