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Infused Metal


Process - Our Infused Metal photographs are images printed on specially coated aluminum sheets with rounded corners. The image is infused onto the aluminum sheets with heat and pressure. This process results in a photograph with vibrant colors, and the detail is breathtaking. Our Infused Metal photographs have a non-reflective mat finish allowing you to display them anywhere, regardless of the light source.  

Not Just For Home - The infusing process results in a highly durable product suitable for display in high-traffic public locations, such as offices and public spaces. 
Hanging: Our Infused Metal photographs come ready to hang with a 1/4" inset frame allowing the image to float off the wall. We chose this design for two reasons. First, it provides superior support for your wall art compared to other metal products on the market. Secondly, the all-aluminum design makes this an eco-friendly choice.


This frame also supports a locking mechanism which is perfect for hotels and high traffic areas. 


Care - Your Infused Metal photograph can be cleaned with water and a microfiber cloth.

Infused Metal Sizes

Standard Sizes and Prices


11x14 - $99

16x20 - $149

20x24 - $199

24x30 - $345

30x40 - $499

One Piece Panoramic Sizes and Prices


10x20 - $109

12x24 - $149

20x40 - $371

24x48 - $693

20x60 - $673

30x60 - $821

30x90 - $1097

48x96 - $1741

Three Piece Panoramic Sizes and Prices


Three 16x16 - $299

Three 20x20 - $544

Three 30x30 - $1199

Three 40x40 - $1999