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Family Tree Collage

Your Family Tree Collage allows you to get all of those photographs you love that are now in albums, boxes or on your computer up on your wall as a beautiful custom piece of art that you and your family can enjoy everyday.

Your Family Tree Collage has a finished print size of 24" by 36" and contains 805 1"x1" photographs.  We offer it on three media choices, Luster PaperCanvas on Board or Infused Metal.

You do not need to have 805 photographs, we simply repeat them to fill in the collage.  We have found that a minimum of 200 photos works well (to reduce repeats) however we have created beautiful collages with fewer photographs.


The Process

Your photographs can be in any format: paper, digital files, negatives or slides - we have even been able to use framed photographs depending on the size.  We will do our best to repair damaged photographs which allows all of your photographs to be included in the final collage.

If needed we can provide you with a drop box web location to allow you to simply drag and drop your digital images to us. This also allows you to have other family members add images to your collage. One family used a secret Facebook page to post photographs and comments for a surprise birthday collage. For paper photographs we use FedEx ground for shipping, this allows both you and us to track your photographs.  If you are in the Phoenix area you can bring all your photographs to our gallery located in Surprise.


For 200 photographs and your finished collage on luster paper or canvas on board the price is $400.  If you have more photographs you want to include in your collage the price is $1.50 each.

You can include up to 805 photographs in your collage.

If you wish you can upgrade your collage to infused metal ( Total Size 24"x36") for an additional $500.00.  

Reprints or Updating Your Collage

Keep your collage up to date as your family grows.  We archive each Family Tree Collage and the related photographs.  This allows you and other family members to request reprints and updates as needed. 

Your Family Tree Collage is printed on three media choices;  luster paper,  canvas on board reprints are $100.00 or Infused metal is $500.00.  If you wish to add more photographs to your original collage add $1.50 for each new photograph. 


Teresa and Keith 

What a joy it has been to sort through all of these old family photos. I can't thank you enough for having this wonderful idea of the family tree collage and creating it! My parents have always carried a camera resulting in boxes and boxes of pictures that never are seen.... I just had a chance to look at the family tree collage I received from you and I LOVE it! It is So beautiful. Thank you so much. It is so much fun to look at these pictures that span over 100 years all together, one right next to the other. I gave the family tree collage to my parents. They loved it and spent a long time looking at all of the pictures. They didn't even want us to hang it on the wall so they could keep looking at it! A big success! Thank you so much for all of your work and creativity in creating this for us!
~Diane - Jamaica Plain, MA

Dear Teresa and Keith,

I wanted to tell you how thrilled I am with the collage you constructed for me last week. Having just moved to the Phoenix area this past March from Taos, NM, I was very happy to discover your printed ad in the Surprise area Tidbits. Although my order was not for your normal family tree collage, I am sure any sports fan would jump at the opportunity to have a collage of their favorite team or player’s sports cards like I did.

My collage of Mike Maddux’s many baseball cards over his long career in the major leagues with eight different teams came out just wonderful. I did NOT even need my reading glasses because each ball card picture was large & clear enough in size for my 65+ eyes. I was told that this is the very best gift that Mike ever received! I’m sure friends and family of Mike Maddux will also want a copy so I will joyfully order more than my original two. I will also spread the word in AZ. It was a pleasure to go through this whole process with you from start to finish. Your customer service is top notch and your prices are very, very fair. Once again, I am thrilled with my Mike Maddux baseball card collage. I wish you the best of luck in the future. Best regards from a Mike Maddux.
Marc Kaplan - El Mirage, AZ


If you need a custom size or  have any questions, please call us at 623 203-8223.

Teresa & Keith Peters