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The Watchman, Virgin River - Zion National Park

The Watchman, Virgin River - Zion National Park

Posted by Keith Peters on Dec 15th 2019

The Watchman

The Watchman of Zion National Park is the beautiful formation guarding the south entrance to Zion National Park.


1391 Watchman and Virgin River Sunset - Zion National Park

Two of the prominent features within Zion National Park is the Watchman and the Virgin River. This photograph captures both, the river flowing over the rocks and the Watchman glowing in the setting sun.

The photograph below was taken upstream where the water is deeper. This allowed me to pick up the reflection of the setting sun on the Watchman in the Virgin River. 

1392 Watchman Sunset Reflection- Zion National Park

As the first few days at Zion were moonless nights and the Milky Way was in the right position, I was able to capture the Milky Way above us over the Virgin River. You can also see the beautiful Watchman glowing in the available light from a long exposure. You can only photograph the Milky Way depending on your latitude from April to September. I captured this photograph actually on the last day of the season this year.

1390 Milky Way over the Watchman - Zion National Park

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