New economical photographs on Canvas On Board

Posted by Keith Peters on Apr 1st 2018

One of the reasons that we do Art Shows is to get direct feedback on new ideas. Recently Teresa learned of a new product we call Canvas On Board. She ordered it, we framed it and put it into our show booth. It turns out that Teresa's new display option was exactly what a customer was looking for.

During one of our recent art shows a woman approached me with a challenge. She had recently purchased a fully furnished vacation home here in the Phoenix Metro area. She loves the furnishings and her new custom frames however she was not happy with the art.

Her challenge was three fold - first to find art that she liked, second to get the art in the right size to fit her custom frames and finally do all of this within her budget after the expense of purchasing a home.

The first part of the challenge was easy since she loved many of our photographs! The next step was to get the images that she liked into her custom frames.

She really liked the look of canvas so this is where Teresa's new find was perfect. By utilizing the Canvas On Board option, she was able to get the image and look she wanted while keeping her custom frames and working within her budget. There is also an added benefit to going with this option, the image no longer needs to be under glass. By removing the glass this greatly reduces the weight of the piece and removes the chance of breakage.

Based on the feedback we have received at the shows, we are adding this new display option to our other choices.

As outlined above, we love to work with our collectors to ensure they get exactly what they are looking for. We offer a wide variety of display options. By combining your photograph choice, the size (including custom sizes) and the display option we can create a custom look just for you.