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Joshua Forest Scenic Byway

Posted by Keith Peters on Oct 7th 2018

Joshua Forest Scenic Road, Arizona - 1198 Sorrel Beauty

Joshua Forest Scenic Road - Sorrel Beauty

When you hear the term Joshua Tree, you might think of the Joshua Tree National Forest in southern California. California does have the greatest concentrations of Joshua Trees, however Arizona also has three Joshua Tree forests. One of them happens to be located between Wickenburg and Wikiup on US 93.

What makes this area unique is that US 93 crosses the boundary between the Sonoran and the Mohave deserts, so this the only area where you can see Saguaro cactus and Joshua Trees in the same area.

On a very nice spring day we decided to head up 93 to explore this area. We arrived late in the afternoon to get the late day sunlight to bring out the colors of the desert.

As I was setting up to take some shots of the forest and the mountains in the background, I was photo-bombed by a Sorrel horse that just appeared from the forest.

Joshua Forest Scenic Road, Arizona - 1202 Splendid Sorrel

  Joshua Forest Scenic Road Arizona - Splendid Sorrel

It turned out that this horse was not alone, there were two others that were close behind. They were not very shy as they ran up to the fence and wanted some attention. I know there are some ranches around this area but none seemed close by. We are not sure were they came from, but as I always tell people, when you are out in the desert there is no telling what you will see.

After our horse encounter, we setup for the sunset.

Joshua Tree and mountains at sunset

Joshua Tree and Mountain at Sunset

This is an image of a Joshua Tree in the golden late day sun with the Date Creek Mountains in the background.

Joshua Tree Sunset

Joshua Tree Sunset

The is a Joshua Tree picking up the last light of the day.

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