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 Our Acrylic display option, is a photograph printed directly on to plexiglass.  

As the photograph is printed on the backside of the plexiglass the image is translucent, allowing the light to be reflected through the photograph from the wall, allows the image to glow.

As the image is printed in the center of the plexiglass, we achieve this nearly frameless look.
Using the four posts to mount to the wall, the image appears to float off the wall, resulting in the sleek modern look.

Besides adding this great look to your home, this display option is also well suited for use in commercial buildings and offices.   As the image is printed on the backside, the photograph is protected by the plexiglass. And by using the four posts to mount it to wall, there is no danger of it falling.

This option comes in standard sizes from 11x14 up to 30 x 40.  It is also available in custom sizes. 

Size Price
11x14 $165.00
16x20 $230.00
20x24 $295.00
24x30 $360.00
30x40 $640.00

  If you need a custom size or  have any questions, please feel free to submit your questions below or call us at 623-203-8223