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T&K Images is Teresa and Keith Peters; our thirty years of experience have grown into our unique style that captures our world's exceptional beauty and serenity. Our passion is to explore our world, looking for the perfect light that shows you this incredible place we call Earth. We do everything in our power to provide you with the art of your dreams.
Many fine art photographers thrive in the studio, where they have complete control over their environment, lighting, settings, etc.  This is not us; being Fine Art Landscape & Nature Photographers, we must take what mother nature provides. Sometimes that is waiting for hours to get the right light, or in some cases, that light never appears. Planning the location and the best time to photograph is part of the overall adventure, plus being open to completely changing our plans at any moment is also key to being successful. 


My purpose is to capture the beautiful moments that happen every day in our world. This beauty is all around us in a tiny flower, a sunset, a summer storm, or three horses all in a row looking at me on a misty morning. It surrounds us if we slow down and notice. I want to share these moments, and my passion is exploring our world to find them. When I see a moment I want to capture, I can barely breathe in my excitement, and I am in a fever to capture it.

I am drawn to the old and rusty. Ghost towns and old mining camps have a special place in my heart; I am amazed at the ingenuity and pure hard work that was needed to create a life in the early west. By photographing these places, I hope to share my love with others and preserve a little piece of history that time is slowly eroding away. As my target subject usually resides off the beaten path, the journey routinely takes me to the backcountry. On some occasions, the natural beauty of the landscape along the way demands my attention and often becomes the focus of that day's photography session.